All Saints is part of the Church of England, in the Diocese of Chichester.

We worship together in a beautiful old building. However, ‘Church’ is not the building – it is people; we are made up of a rich variety of people; there are those who are exploring faith and those who have found it. We believe that what is at the heart of it all is the love of God for us as revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

We believe that God sent his Son Jesus Christ into the world, to rescue us from ourselves/ from the ‘mess’ we humans have got into. This belief in Jesus Christ is central to all mainstream churches worldwide whatever the denomination.

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Welcome to All Saints Church Patcham

All Saints East Window

Most of us don’t like hearing truth about ourselves, but Jesus said that by following him, we would know (see) the truth, and the truth would set us free – free from sin, from guilt, from those things that ‘trap’ us, and so through new life in Him find peace and purpose and receive His gift of eternal life to us.

Those drawn together through this love see themselves as part of God’s family, and so are motivated to come together to worship God and also to support one another – not just on a Sunday but at other times as well. Many members provide on-going support for each other as when a need arises.

We hope you will find activities to suit your needs from the youngest to the oldest!

All Saints East Window