A term-time parent & toddler group that meets in the Barn on Wednesday & Thursday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30am. Small subs fee. Refreshments, chat, and play!


Aimed at those of ‘riper years’. Meets first and third Wednesdays in the Church Lounge at 2:45. Come along for a cuppa and a chat. We often have guest speakers and run a variety of activities


We have five groups that meet on a regular basis in different members homes. These groups help people to encourage one another, pray and discuss the Bible together


From time to time we run things such as ALPHA

A 10 week course that explores the basics of the Christian faith. Many have been on this course and have found it a great help in deepening their understanding of the Christian faith. Click logo to find out more about Alpha.

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Welcome to All Saints Church Patcham


Term-time Friday evenings in the Barn 7 - 8:30pm

Contact Ben for details

If you would like to now more about any of the above, please contact the vicar

PRAYER TIMES in the Church Centre

Each Monday and Wednesday at 5pm - Evening Prayer

2nd Monday of the month - Prayer time at 7:30pm

4th Monday of the month - Prayer time at 2:30pm